Q2 powers your virtual banking experience.

We connect you to your account holders who expect and appreciate a unified and engaging anytime, anywhere, any device banking experience.
Why Change

Like most financial institutions, you are operating in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive business environment.  Consumer adoption of touch and tablet devices. Growth of sophisticated global fraud networks. And the rise of consumer expectations for online and mobile banking have you realizing the need to look beyond your current vendors for more strategic solutions. 

Shouldn’t you have a technology partner who understands your business? 

We think so.  

Why Now

Faster than ever before, consumers are investing their time and money in new mobile devices. And the trend isn’t slowing down. Because of this, they reward brands that deliver unified anytime, anywhere, any device service - banking is no exception. 

Mega Banks recognize this and are investing heavily in their user experience.

Don’t you think it’s time to prepare for the next generation of account holders?

We do.

Why Q2

We merge business critical technology and an engaging user experience, helping you engage account holders where they live, work and play. Our comprehensive single platform streamlines your day-to-day business tasks and accelerates your growth and retention strategies.

We call it The Power of One.

One interface to your core. One management view. And one unified virtual banking experience for retail and commercial - all from one login.


It’s time to grow beyond and we’re ready to help.

There’s an old adage – “say what you do… do what you say” and you could say that is the number one thing Banks want to see in action with the vendors they choose. It becomes very simple - will a vendor be reliable and deliver the products and services that they say they will?


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As we move into Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’ve assembled a list of security awareness tips that should be top of mind for account holders doing any type of online banking, or even just accessing the Internet in general. Many of these are likely things you have heard before, but a little repetition can go a long way. As you gear up for Cyber Security Awareness Month, consider sharing these ten tips with your account holders:

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