Compliance made easier

Compliance made easier

Compliance made easier

Compliance isn’t something you can ignore, but you can make it easier by partnering with Q2. We offer tools to help you simplify and automate your compliance needs, and we have the expertise to make your due diligence process more manageable and less stressful. With Q2’s help, you can be confident in your compliance while saving time and money through automation.

Compliance Expertise

Q2 has a dedicated compliance staff with significant experience in direct banking compliance management. We understand the compliance needs of banks and credit unions—no matter their size—and bring the resources and expertise you expect. We can help your institution stay on top of regulatory changes. And, we even have advisory services that can assist you with compliance projects.

The average FI spent 2,100 hours managing compliance in 2016 Source: Banking Compliance Index, 2017

Due Diligence Assistance

Q2’s compliance staff can assist institutions conducting vendor due diligence. We offer a well-defined vendor and technology service provider oversight program that helps make your due diligence process straightforward and far less stressful.

Centrix Dispute Tracking System

Reg E Compliance Made Fast and Easy

Paper-based dispute management is time consuming, lacks audit trails, and invites errors. A full-featured dispute management solution like Centrix Dispute Tracking System (CentrixDTS™) simplifies the administration of Reg E compliance, and provides the enhanced record keeping and controls you need to be confident that your FI is compliant—while also creating operational efficiency, saving you time and money.

Visit the Centrix Solutions page to learn more about our products and services.

Centrix Dispute Tracking System

Ease Your Compliance Burden

Regulatory and compliance requirements may continue to grow, but don’t worry. From products tailor-made to automate back office processes to a fully dedicated compliance and IT staff, Q2 aims to ease your compliance burden so you can focus on your top line.

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